Consolidated Neuro Supply, Inc. Press Release
Consolidated Neuro Supply, Inc. Announces They Will Honor Agreements Cancelled By Other Vendors
Contract Customers Caught in Middle of Acquisitions Can Get Same Products at Same Price
Loveland, OH - May 21, 2008 - Consolidated Neuro Supply, Inc. (CNS, Inc.) announced today that it will honor cancelled Preferred Pricing Agreements (PPAs) for supplies used to monitor critical neurological structures during spine and brain surgery.  Recent acquisitions in the industry have resulted in the cancellation of a number of pricing agreements.  CNS, Inc. has decided to supply affected hospitals and contractors with the IOM supplies they need, at the same cost they were purchasing from their previous vendors.
"We won't be able to honor every contract that was cancelled by a competitor.  First, we will have to make absolutely sure that we maintain sufficient supply for our existing customers.  Second, some of the pricing we saw from a key competitor over the last few years just did not make good business sense.  We're going to have to look at these deals very closely and decide if we can do it or not" says Jason Mayer, President of CNS, Inc.
Mr. Mayer continues, "there's a very good chance we can honor deeply discounted agreements.  CNS, Inc. has very little overhead and can afford smaller profit margins than the big equipment manufacturers.  Just call us, odds are I will answer the phone!" he jokes.
Companies Offer Same ProductsSubdermal Needle Electrode
Most of the neuromonitoring supplies sold by competitors such as XLTEK are also sold by CNS, Inc.  Manufactured by Technomed Europe, both companies sell the same subdermal needle electrodes.  All subdermal lead lengths that are sold by XLTEK, both singles and pairs, are available from CNS, Inc.  The companies also distribute the same corkscrew electrodes and pedicle screw stimulators.
A full line of Ambu, Inc products can also be purchased from CNS, Inc.
Additional information about the PPA price matching program can be found at
About Consolidated Neuro Supply, Inc.
Consolidated Neuro Supply, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare products used to diagnose neurological disorders and monitor critical neurological structures during high-risk surgical procedures.  With nearly $2 million in annual sales, product offerings include EMG needle electrodes, subdermal needle electrodes, and pedicle screw and direct nerve stimulators.
Located in Loveland, OH, the company has been in business since June 2003.
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